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Capt. Dave Anderson's award winning book, 'Lily, A Gray Whale’s Odyssey' is about a gray whale that Capt. Dave helped to disentangle and is a scientifically accurate tale with a twist. Visit to preview and purchase. 

The author of 'Lily‘, Captain Dave Anderson, also spent five years producing, filming and narrating this award-winning 64-minute film while conducting his Dolphin and Whale Safari expeditions from Dana Point, California.   

Half of the profits from the book and film are given to charities to help whales, dolphins, and people in need, such as Kids Around the World.

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As humans, we're all called to be Caretakers.
Caretakers of each other and of the earth.

It is estimated that 308,000 dolphins and whales die because of fishing gear entanglement every year worldwide.

That is nearly 1,000 a day.

Captain Dave joined Ellen to discuss his recent disentanglement of Bart and the problem that kills dolphins and whales everyday.

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Captain Dave also explained to Ellen, "This was not a one man show, it was a huge team effort. With the help of the trained Dolphin Safari team, Peter Bartholemew who babysat the whale and the Pacific Marine Mammal Rescue Center, everyone contributed to freeing Bart." Unfortunately this was edited out. 


CBS This Morning joined Captain Dave on a recent safari to report on the problem of entangled whales and dolphins:

How You Can Help:

Help raise awareness on this issue. Share this website and Capt. Dave's new book with family and friends.

STEP 2: Work towards getting all fish labeled including how it was caught and how much by-catch was associated with it. Begin by signing the petition here to get fish labeled.

STEP 3: Ask how fish was caught when you are at a restaurant or in a market.

STEP 4: Make a donation to to help better the lives of whales, dolphins, and people.

Capt. Dave Anderson's new book, 'Lily, A Gray Whale’s Odyssey' is all about a gray whale that Capt. Dave helped to disentangle and is a scientifically accurate tale with a twist. to preview and purchase. Half the proceeds are used to feed hungry children and to purchase disentanglement gear.